EDI is a warplane EDI must have targets
Cybertronian jet-fighter man. (continuation of a Russian version of a fanfic about EDI ) (GARBAGE SPECIAL, 王力宏 - 龙的传人) EDI couldn't still believe that he was the secondary creature. He was also made by people, who collaborated with cybertronians, though people were the cybertronians' children in ancient times. This was very strange, but Starscream had managed to explain all this info. (MUSE- TIME IS RUNING OUT, PAINBASTARD WAR NEVER CHANGES) Two years have passed since EDI left for Cybertron to live there. There have been a lot of changes in this strange and suddenly turning and fast running life. (BENNY BENASSI TIME, WEEZER -AUTOPILOT) Still Ben was working for air forces; still EDI loved his bondmate Starscream. They lived on Cybertron, they really still had a war, but it didnt concern all the cybertronian citizen, the battle was on the far planets in the part of Universe where Cybertron is situated, and the special volunteer regiments were sent to fight the new enemy - the half organic and half cybertronian dragons, this creatures were from planet Miclo - they first were made to preserve the universe from the prisoners which were caught in the Miclo's prison. If a prisoner runs away from it the cyber-dragons will pursue him and destroy. These creatures were half-organic, but their power was enough to destroy even a strong cybertronian. The cybertronians called them terrocons. (TRANSFORMERS VICTORY- OPENING) Once they could set free from the programs which were in the electronic devices implanted in their brains. They got out of control. The aerobots and seekers went to prevent the big problems with those creatures. But they didnt succeed, because most of all the aerobots warriors were killed. (RAMMSTEIN ENGEL, 1100, DIARY OF DREAMS THE SCREAM) Starscream wasn't an exception. She went to a flat spin, because the hydraulics had gone while fighting in a robot-mode with a one of the terrocons. She hit in to a ground while was trying to land the surface of Earth. Energy wasnt enough to rebuild the systems. The terrocons which she was fighting died, but one of them was had an egg inside to lay. Starscream hit the sands of a forgotten place in the forest near the lake, which was far far away in Russia. (DREDG- ODE TO SUN, SNAP- DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT, AMY MCDONALD SPARK, _- THE SEEKERS, UNREAL NEW TYPE) As you know the cybertronian spark has a wide and bright strength, it can be alive even if you are destroyed -- it is because of the spark can change the body - you can transform. You can change the body and the whole your system. First your auxiliary system is in the quantum storage in the parallel dimension. You want to transform, you cross your hands with transform-modules and your spark transfers to an auxiliary body, and your main body is heading to the storage. So cybertronians' souls - sparks are very viable. (WITHIN TEMPTATION MEMORIES, NIGHTWISH- END OF ALL HOPE) The next week the sand and wind made all to conceal the tracks of Starscream's death. The forest was hissing the summer was hot; the lake was making a light wet wind in this awfully hot air. The young couple was going to a walk. They were having fun, riding a motorbike. They were just the two people, who loved each other. That day has passed very quickly, the nature of two planets just made may be a little joke...a little new life. This couple hadn't known yet - they will have a baby - the baby with Starscream's spark - a simple girl with an extraterrestrial jet fighter's soul. And many years will pass when she will find it all out. (OTTO DIX , MUTEMATH- CHAOS) EDI was waiting on planet Iakon, waiting for the news...but the news were not good. When he knew his bondmate was dead, he decided start all his life again no matter what will happen then.... Though the cybertronian medical experts told him that he could find his bondmate on the planet where she crushed, he couldn't believe it either. May be it was because he was more than a half having human psychics...... He believed - death is a death. There is no return. but he had to return to his old life ... (OTTO DIX , CARDIGANS HANGING AROUND, ROGER SANCHEZ - LOST) A light, a flash of warping to another part of the Universe.... Then a space train to the nearest point for reaching the planet Earth. He came to his father....... EDI knew he could return to his work in navy but he hesitated. So, after his bondmate's death he wasn't either hesitating in his returning to the navy - the world and the society without a crazy leader who made the pilots and jets be the enemies. He just came in his own home on Earth [he had already had an experience of being a human, and he already was a human, he had a home ... had a cat, had many hot Latino girlfriends.] He returned, and first he did - is to call his father - Dr. Keith Orbit. He said he wanted to return; Keith said he would connect with navy and tell them about EDI's going to come back to his military service. In a fortnight he got a usual military and ready answer - affirmative. (OTTO DIX , , THE THREE OCLOCK JET FIGHTER MAN, TOXIGEN& PURGEN ) Since then he wasn't just a UCAV of an army, he was a member of the military staff, but- only formal. Of course he didnt have the rights that human has. He was just a super-soldier, though his knowledge and strength were very high for just a simple man or pilot or a soldier. (EVANESCENSE BRING ME TO LIFE, PORTISHEAD- PEARL) Now EDI just couldn't be the personality he used to be, he was another. He had known all this human life in human form, he had known this world in a cybertronian body and mind, he had met his love, and he lost his bondmate. No matter he had a cybertronian body and was a cybertronian life form, he had human personality and psychics, so he acted like a human. He tried to forget his lost love - finding another one. Days went by, months were flying as a jet ....EDI found that one pilot in his squadron was very like he, he was an ambitious, he was handsome....... Cybertronians don't have population division for boys and girls; they have races - like seekers, battle men - gladiators, leaders, spies, autobots, airealbots... (F(X) CHOCOLATE LOVE, MELANIE C NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, KISS- I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU) He realized - Ben Gannon is very handsome and his eyes are very frank, he's ambitious person and a good pilot.... but he is married. EDI used to accept that Ben's married but now he was nervous about this. At first he didn't realize why he's being nervous about Ben's married on Kara, but soon he found out that he likes Ben. (TE , EUROPE-FINAL COUNTDOWN) This was a wrong step in his life - the step that was more wrong than killing Henry or trying to hit the caviar sweep. Cybertronians' spark is more sensitive than humans' soul, yes human can part with a girlfriend or boyfriend, but this man or woman wont die if she or he is an adequate human and doesnt have mental disorder. Of course she or he will be nervous and probably will revenge to his or her ex-love, but I won't die. Or -maximum I'll get a depression. Cybertronians can die. The loss of a bondmate makes their system subconsciousness start a self destroy process - like our process of getting older. (ALPHAVILLE FOREVER YOUNG) People get older and older.....and then die. Cybertronians can't get old and die so this self-destroy process is a population regulation process. Ben is a man of principles, he hates when something goes wrong, he wants to do only what he wants to do, and if something goes wrong - he turns up to be angry for many years. (DJ BENZINA MALOY, DJ BENZINA- DONT FEEL TO LONE, KESHA- TICK TOCK, WONDERGIRLS HOT) Once on a holiday party on their base, when all the people had lots of fun and got drunk, EDI escaped the hangar, transformed and went to a bar, got a lot of booze [Even though he had the Cybertronian traditions in his personality's mind and used to accept only cybertronian holidays, he could respect the Earth people's holidays] (初百军 - 不管多少个明天, _- ) EDI saw Ben was coming from lavatory again to the bar and he caught the situation. He ran up to him and hit Ben his back against the wall, EDI is stronger than a simple man and Ben couldnt get out of his embrace at first. Drunken UCAV was looking like a sexy angel a young boy with golden hair and green eyes, he had an interesting low but sensitive voice and a couple of jets wings on his back, he didnt have the ears, because he couldnt transform into a whole real human no more his system wasnt allowed and he was programmed not to transform in an identical to a human being. He could transform into a young man but with the plane wings and audio sensors instead of ears, he had no voice- he had only his firm vocoder with a strong and fluffy and sexy metallic and reverbed voice. Though his human body and his cybertronian body were very different in size, the half-transformed body was of a human size and looked like a human except the audio sensors instead ears and the strange shining platform instead the eyes [which is used for protecting the vision devices from environment, and which can reflect the light such the way that you seem that he looks at you or gives you a shy or angry or another glance to express the emotions] except the two wings behind his shoulders. Wings he had were just like a simple jet fighters wings the metal construction with slats and flaps and interceptors. As all people think the wings dont have any other function but the aerodynamics making an object fly as it wants or its made to fly as a pilot wants. Cybertronians know that wings have a lot of sensitive point arrays and the whole detail is very sensitive especially flaps and slats. Of course EDI can transform into a human being totally. In fact he had the alt-from a warplane, a cybertronian form a giant mechanical man with wings behind back, a half-transformed cybertronian form which was like a human body but had the elements of his cybertronian one. In this transform he could be only for a while, because his case construction doesnt stipulate to eat or to charge and have an energy meal. And the last transform is turn into a real human without wings. (R.N.G. ARE YOU READY, f(x) - NU 예삐오 (NU ABO), KATY PERRY- E.T.) The dark corridor and the strange air of wet drunken darkness, Ben tried to escape the EDIs dirty actions, but he was inadequate too and was hardly thinking. EDI took the time, he pressed Ben harder to the wall and kissed his lips, Ben tried to push him away, but EDI attacked again, though he had only two hands and was very drunk, he controlled his body fine, not as clumsy as Ben. When Ben couldnt struggle with a preoccupied with sex warplane he saw one man went to the lavatory and saw them. Ben got angry, because all the crew would think that he first started all this, again pushed EDI away and said you, little bastard, get away from me, what a hell are you doing EDI didnt answer just fell down on the floor, because he didnt expect Ben will kick him. The man who was going to the lavatory stopped.surprised, just looking at them both, laughed and went away. Ben fast escaped EDIs glance and ran away to the bar. But it was late, his friends have already known all from that man. The most awful thing was that his friends told it to his wifeOf course she is a smart and adequate woman, and she didnt even listen it, she understood that it was Bens friends stupid joke, or EDIs stupid joke if they told the truth. So, concerning his family, there was no reason for Ben to be afraid, but the next all week he was very furious. (杨丞琳 - 冷战, ROXETTE CRASH BOOM BANG) EDI realized that it was a stupid action, but done is done. Of course after the party he knew that he could be Bens friend and now they will probably become the enemies and Ben wouldnt allow him be close to himself, but he hoped that Ben will understand that it was just a silly drunken thoughts and wouldnt be so angry. He just waited for the holidays end and he will see Ben. Holidays passed. Ben all the time tried to escape EDI, and when he knew that soon they will have a flight in another squadron. There were his wife, he, his two friends whove been working here not so long, and also there will be another squadron and EDI. He was very furious and said that whoever that other squadron would be, he wouldnt go with an inadequate gay warplane, and told his boss that EDI tried to rape him. (黃義達 - 冷战, 杨丞琳 - 你是坏人,) The general just smiled and told that he will talk to EDI about his bad behavior, but this is not such a crime and said that they both will fly in spite Bens jokes. Also in this second squadron there were two men who Ben didnt know, and there were a man with his wife Amanda. Amanda is a red haired woman of 32 years old, shes always angry, unsatisfied and hysteric person. All the staff hates her and she hates them all. But Ben decided, that the next all days she wouldnt be such a bastard then EDI. He decided start a cold war with this warplane who really loved him. (MYLENE FARMER LE MOTS, METALLICA- DIE MY DARLING) The all flights and all time when Ben could met this UCAV, he tried to tell something and offend EDI. He was always saying the phrases about EDI is not a human and the staff shouldnt confide in him, that hes a gay and hes dangerous for society, that he listens to the talks he shouldnt know about. That he will be very happy if in one flight EDI will crush down. (MYLENE FARMER SANS CONTREFACTION, MYLENE FARMER- FUCK THEM ALL) For long and lonely nights standing in a hangar, he realizes that hes sad not because he cant get physically close to Ben, but because of Ben hates him. He decided like a human - just have a lot of extra work and forget about life. But this strategy just fits only for humans, cybertronians have more fragile psychics. EDI didnt know about the self-destroy process can get started, he heard something like this from Starscream but he thought that its only because Starscream had a lot of troubles in his life.. (_ STARSCREAM) So EDI tried to find the cybertronian military base on Earth and start collaboration. He knew they wont be against this, because they knew him as an almost bondmate of Starscream. This partnership started very good and even made more peace in this world.. EDI worked for his general and for his cybertronian general, and always was trying to forget Ben, who meanwhile tried always to make EDI feel sad. One day EDIs cybertronian general offered a mission - to find the lost or dead warrior. They knew that Starscream crushed somewhere on Earth but they cant find his spark-spirit because of this is possible only for a bondmate. So EDI agreed and felt that Starscream now is reincarnated into somebody who lives in Russia in SPB. But from so far he cant find who it a boy or a girl is and how does he look like now. To find Starscream he should very frequently come to this country. Finally he found that it is a little girl, who is 13 years old at all. He told his cybertronian general that its too early. The girl should be more than 18 years old to make decisions herself and to find the truth about who she is. General agreed to wait for 5 years until they can explain Starscream that she is cybertronian warrior. (GARBAGE I WILL DIE FOR YOU,) Meanwhile time flies and the whole situation are getting worse. One day EDI finds one woman from the squadron crying in the corridor. This woman is Kara Wade the wife of Ben. As UCAV knew she didnt have a raw with her husband, and nothing he saw happening. He had a very little time to talk, because he was ordered to transform in half-human form and go to his own little room to sleep, while his hardly damaged fuselage will be mended. -Good morning, Lieutenant Wade. -Hi,-said she with careless voice and aloof glance -Why are you crying? -Dont mind. [She wanted escape this talks because she had no intention to discuss her problems with somebody, but then she made a jest something like ah, I dont care] My husband is ill She told that Ben was ill and that he could die, he had a cancer and it was an almost last stage of its development, and even the good clinics couldnt cure him. And at this moment EDI had had a risky idea. (ANNGUN SAVIOUR, STEREO TOUCH THERE MUST BE AN ANGEL) As he collaborated with cybertronians military base he could ask them for something important- for example cure his friend. Though Ben hated him, he loved him no matter anything. He told Kara that he has a phone number of a good hospital that is better than their military one, and that he will call them the next day and tell her if they have a reservation. She agreed and EDI went to his room to sleep, but instead of sleeping he got drunk and all the time was thinking and hoping that cybertronian military men will agree to help him in curing his friend. The next day he found all the info, and planned the whole risky venture He negotiated with his cybertronian staff and they decided to buy the service of one of not so rich hospitals. This hospital will accept Ben and tell him they will cure him, but instead of this they will keep him there only for a while, then they will arrange the date of an operation, but when this date will come and the doctor give Ben an anesthetic, EDIs men will take him away from this hospital and make the operation using a very high-level devices and he will survive. If any hospital tried to cure Benit would be impossible. Its possible only for cybertronian doctors The whole next week EDI made the holographic visual elements for something that will be played in holographic screens, which will stand all around the place where Ben will be delivered in another block of the clinic to make the illusion that its all real- there are a lot of people, the nurses, the wards, the white blankets, the beds, the unpleasant white tiled walls. All this EDI made as the holographic images to produce when or if Ben will have an ability to see something accidently. So then he calls Kara and tells the number of a hospital where all is prepared and prepared for money. Kara agrees and tells this address and number to Ben and sends him to this hospital. A month passed and Bens health is well (TARA TURUNEN - POISON) The money EDI had to pay is the money cybertronian friends have given to him and thats why now he has to do a lot of flights for their air force. This is hard but he loves Ben despite Bens hatred. (ELVIS TOY WIRED CONNECTED,) Then there was a lot of work and a lot of risk. Once he had been injured and when he was driven to a hangar he met a new specialist of technical support team, this man was very tall and strong, he didnt look like all other men EDI saw. EDI didnt know why he was always looking at this man, not at anybody other from the technical support team. To mend and check EDIs and other warplanes systems is inside this teams competence. This team is a big staff there are a lot of very qualified engineers, electricians, mechanics and other specialists. This mans name is Mark Torvill, he is from a city in UK Sheffield, and he is 45 years old. His face looks very rude and it seems this man has a very strong temper. He is very strong and tall man, and at first site it seems he like to fight and can fight anyone who will annoy him. (RAMMSTEIN SEHNSUCHT,) But, EDI then understood that Mark looked like that because of the day before they met, he had been drinking with his friends and even had a fight again, and he was very angry all that week. While working Mark was very tactful, upright and disciplined. General frequently insured Mark checking or mending EDI, and the last has got used to Mark. When Mark was near by EDIs spark pulsed in a fever, though he loved Ben his spark flamed up when he saw or felt Mark. While mending he must be sleeping, but he was just always turning off the electricity in the modules which are being mended for not to hurt Mark. It provided EDI to feel Marks touch, but also it made him feel pain, because it hurts when somebody get into your system where construction and the entire system doesnt provide to draw hands. Also there are the sensors, but they are meant for feeling pain it means that this block in a system has a malfunction. Cybertronians have a lot of sensors types, but there are inner and outer sensors. Inner sensors give a signal about malfunction, and outer sensors can give a signal of three types malfunction, just environment interaction, erogenous zones stimulation signal. (ULA JUST AN ENGINE, ULA INFINITY OF LOVE) So though EDI got the signal of third type also he got the first type signal. But he was agreeing to bear the pain to get a little bit of satisfaction. Mark has a lot of necessary devices to monitor the EDIs state. One of these is the device which shows if UCAV is on or off, and shows the emotional status. (ALAN WATERS -ISTREBITEL) Once, Mark noticed that EDIs on. -Hey, dont pretend I see that you are on, get asleep! Its a condition you should obey me in it. You can make a lot of troubles this way. [He glanced at the monitor device and saw the strange emotional status, that it feels pain] You can get a system failure or you can strike me with electricity. What happens, I didnt think that you can behave strange way! -Dont worry, Ive turned off electricity supply and only my spark is on. -All the same get your system off. -Dont mind, Mark -I dont wanna have problems with authorities because of your system failures provoked by I caused you pain [EDI first just didnt say anything but refused to make all systems asleep] (SEPULTURA BORN STUBBORN, KEAMIA TAKE NO ORDERS, LINKIN PARK GIVEN UP) -you are so stubborn. I cant mend the system if its on. Just make it off and fall asleep yourself. -I dont want. Mark was holding a monitoring device in his right hand and when he was fed up EDIs stubbornness he smacked EDIs wing with his left one and said -I have to go and tell your boss that theres no my fault that you dont do as I say. Then he accidentally looked at the devices screen and was surprised, he didnt know that this UCAV can get horny. Mark started walking to the entrance showing EDI that hes going to walk away and report their boss about the plane disobeyed again. -Wait, Mark. -So then explain me your stupid behavior. -You see.. I feel good when you are near. I noticed that you saw my status in the monitoring device. -Huh, you cant get aroused, youre an UCAV -Can, Ive got a soul of a cybertronian. -But your construction doesnt expected to make love with anyone, just dont make jokes - Im in altform, Ive got cybertronian body and I can transform into a human, why do you think I dont? I dont have anybody. [said he with his sleepy sexy and echoed voice] -Youre weird [said Mark in a surprised tone] mm, Ill take it to account, but now you must fall asleep and I will mend you. Then we will talk, ok? -Well, agreed. (MAKOWECKI BAND- CANT GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD(KYLIE MINOGUE COVER)) Late evening. Mark came home, this day wasnt easy. He had to start his work very early, and had a difficult mending to do, and this weird warplane started behaving strange. Mark had to a lot of work and now hes tired. As usually he turned on TV and took a bottle of cold bear from the fridge. There was interesting historic movie but Mark was thinking about. What if EDI didnt joke? What the strange staff is in this air force base. (GARBAGE I THINK IM PARANOID, BEATFREAKZ SOMEBODYS WATCHING ME,) The all other days of work in this base, Mark started noticing the strange atmosphere when he comes to do his work if its EDI. May be its trying to hypnotize me, or making magnetic field to attract me? - thought Mark. But it was true that Mark had unexpected feelings to EDI, he was in confusion and couldnt accept that a warplane can attract him as a friend or something more than friend. And though he didnt accept, he felt some may be gravity, and when they had been arguing Mark tried not to offend his new friend, because he made the whole situation the way EDI obeyed him and tried to persuade it or to make it stop feeling blue, because he was afraid that if he will do something wrong EDI can start wanting more than a friendship and he will just be fired. But soon Mark lost that his fear. (STUART FREE, GARBAGE MILK) Sometimes he was offered the extra work after the shift and could have more money than he usually got, of course he always was agreeing. And this time when boss offered him to help the service staff to clean the aerial vehicles he agreed. His work was: waiting until the other man from the service staff drives them in turn to the hangar which is like a car wash but very big; then, sitting in a small room and eating his hamburger, operate the solution flow and brushes using control panel. This car wash could pour water and also could pour the special solution which doesnt act like water if it gets inside the system. This solution formula was given to them and other countries by cybertronians, which collaborated not only with Russia. The process is almost fully mechanized and the operator doesnt have to work hard at all just watch the screen; listen and talk using the radio link that is in plane and using the headset with mic; and operate the manipulators of car wash. So Mark was eating his hamburger and operating the control panel. But when he said in the mic hangar free. Next. - He didnt expect that the last was EDI. Mark didnt have to command him anything because EDI knew that he must drive to the hangar and stand right onto the big conveyer belt. (JEWELERY ONE MORE TIME, LINKIN PARK SOMEWHERE I BELONG) He drew and stood on the belt, and Mark turned on the jet of solution. This solutions formula was worked out by cybertronians, but they gave it to people. This solution doesnt involve water, its a mix of the active minerals and alcohols, this liquid doesnt cause harm to electric parts and doesnt let the metals to rust, and also using this solution instead of water is a money economy. After using this solution to wash some king of techniques it gets dirty but its possible to filter the dirty solution and use it again. (GROOVE COVERAGE HOLY VIRGIN) Sitting in the operators room Mark felt just a little bit weird, probably EDI made something in the air may be the magnetic field, or that could be that Mark liked him. Mark thought maybe I can help this UCAV He activated another two water jet devices and poured a strong jet of solution onto EDIs slats then dragged them to the back edges of the wings. Mark heard a strange sound in headphones similar with gasp but in vocoder manner... -Whos there? Mark is that you? [Said EDI in a very calm soft and echoed voice as usual, but the diagram in the screen of monitoring device hyperbolized showing EDIs exited emotional status] -Yes, its me. Dont be afraid. That time I told you we would talk about it later. -What do you want to ask? Then Mark started to move the solution jets over EDIs wings, who got quickly aroused and though his emotions are invisible at first site no voice expression and nothing this plane has to express the emotions but its easy to see that hes aroused seekers fluff out their high-lift devices. Its the reflex, but Mark thought that EDI shows him that this is the most sensitive part of his body. (TEXAS SUMER SON) -What will be then if I dont stop? [Said Mark activating the small diameter long rotating soft brush and showing it to EDI] -Just like all cybertronians -Finally I can hear a little embarrassment in your haughty voice, and really... and you can have an orgasm? -Why not? [Said EDI with really confused voice] -But how. You are not a human -We have it another way, not like humans, Im just in alt-form and thats only why you dont believe me. Mark just smiled and surprised to himself. He never thought that he will ask a warplane if they do have sex. He dragged the other water jet devices and stroke with jets of solution EDIs flaps and interceptors. -Mark, [his voice became higher and had more foreign noises, because of EDI being a cybertronian has a spark in his chest when he is not in the alt-form, the spark can brighten when cybertronians feel good. As the sparks properties include the electromagnetic ones it can make noise in the radio devices] I think you should take your headphones off -u-huh, what for you like to shout loud? Aa you going to come? Didnt know that you are quick not only in flying. -Im . mm not yet (KYLIE MINOGUE SLOW, CIRCUIT BENT CRAZY FLAPS) -And If I do like this? [Mark activated one more rotating brush and programmed it to touch EDIs fluffed out high-lift device, dragged other water jet devices and directed the solution jets onto slats] -aah, harder. yeah dontstop Just weird weird me, weird warplane..- thought Mark and continued operating the manipulators of a wash in the hangar. Then he moved the another two brushes and reprogrammed the rest ones the way brushes wandered all over the wings and under it too. Mark admitted that he had never thought that warplanes can shout so loud feeling orgasm. EDIs voice became not alike it usually was. It acquired more echo and became higher and got a little bit more expression, and moreover it was very loud, Mark even got a little bit horny listening EDI... Two minutes later EDI turned off or fell asleep or something else, but Mark got afraid for him a little, thinking that somethings gone wrong. When EDI woke up he explained Mark that its part of physiologic properties of cybertronians getting orgasm, and that they call it the word, if translate it literally to English it is RELOAD. Mark told that if boss gives him another time this extra-work he will help EDI again, but he must keep it in secret. (PORTISHEAD ENOUGH LOVE) Then they met rarely, because EDI had a lot of flights for army he served and for cybertronian air force, and succeeded in those flights that he didnt need mending. Theyve met then a several times in the wash hangar the way they met in it first time. (ELVIS TOY WE ARE ELECTRIC) Then the routine of work days took away thoughts about Ben, but not at all, EDI all the same loved Ben even if he liked Mark and always was waiting for him to arrive. Meanwhile Ben always tried to offend him and boss had noticed this. Boss is a military man as all those generals, and when he knew that this wasnt an accidentally joke of Ben and that EDI loses his former abilities and always is sad and dull machine only because of Ben. So this day he told Ben that if he goes on like that he reprimands him, and the reputation wont be very good then. Ben was surprised, but when he got home he was very furious even gone to the bar. He was sure that EDI snitched general on him, then wanted revenge but forgot about that. Once theyve got a hard battle in the sky. They were both squadrons Bens squadron and Amandas one. When Ben saw that there is enemy aircraft in front and saw this plane flew to bring EDI down, who was in front of enemy, and he just didnt try to shoot the enemy down and decided to wait until he will shoot EDI down. But then he figured out that this enemy warplane cant do it because EDIs too skillful UCAV. Then hes got an idea he will target EDI and shoot him down, but it will be kind of he targeted the enemy warplane to bring it down. (TATU FRIEND OR FOE, NIRVANA THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD) Then a couple of shots were heard by others but one of them however brought the enemy down and another shot just damaged EDI. He of course didnt suspect that Ben shot him; he thought that it was the plane flying behind him. The air traffic controller analyzed Bens actions and reported the general that Ben tried to shoot his own squadrons flight. EDI hardly could return to the base, hit the landing strip and turned off. He didnt explode because he almost had run out of fuel. He was strongly damaged and the technical maintenance team had to link with cybertronian air forces base and ask them for help because they use EDI - and they wouldnt refuse because they needed him alive too. They succeeded and the next day the man from cybertronian military medical group came to their base. Of course he wasnt a man he was from Cybertron and he came just to examine the damage caused to EDI and then to decide if he can give them an advice and equipment or have to call his staff and theyll have to take EDI to their base for mending. (SYSTEM OF A DOWN- JET PILOT, PORTISHEAD WANDERING STAR) He checked the system and told that he should ask his colleagues about if medical deck of their base is occupied or not. He told that the damage is very huge, that he is broken as an aircraft and sick as a cybertronian too, and that they have to transform him into a human form and wait for their men come to take him to their base. Then he left and EDI had 3 days to feel pain or be transformed into a human and sit in his room. Of course general and all pilots didnt tell him that he was shot down by Ben who he likes. The next morning all the staff of the base had a party before they would go home for holidays. And Mark was on the base too. He of course drank a lot of booze because he always liked it. Since his wife has died of truly womans disease he didnt look at the women at all, because he was afraid that it will happens again, he was working, living and drinking too much. Though at a first glance Mark seems very rude strong and cruel, in fact he is a soft tempered man, who doesnt have the sense in this life except the pets he has at home, his friends and his job. (SAMIRA IT WAS HIM) He was hanging around the base and suddenly ran across EDI in the corridor. -Who are you? [Said drunken Mark staggering and holding the wall for not to fall] -Hello, Mark [EDI surprised that Mark couldnt recognize him because its very easy no one of the base staff has the jet fighter wings behind his back and strange mechanical voice] -EDI, hows that? I didnt recognize you. -I told you I can transform this way -Hey I see youve been to the bar too -So what? General allowed me, my room is near and I just was walking from there to sleep. -A, I know youre ill and sit in your room, I didnt know how you look like in this transform. -Dont wave your hands, you will fall [EDI warned Mark laughing , just because he had just fallen like this before they met in corridor there was a very slippery floor.] (DEPECHE MODE IN YOUR ROOM, PORTISHEAD- ALL MINE) -huh, youre preaching me?!! [Said Mark with a cheeky and surprised voice and laughing jabbed EDI at his wing] -Hey, what are you doing, you remember your friends told you Im dangerous [EDI once heard that Ben told Mark and others that EDI is dangerous bastard] -MM, I think you are dangerous but only for enemy aircrafts in the sky, dont you? [Said he standing behind EDI and holding him on his interceptors] Then Mark pushed him into his room and closed the door. EDI didnt resist, vice versa he fluffed his high-lift device and arced his back. (SAVAGE SO CLOSE, GHINZU- JET SEX, 蔡依林 - 爱情36计, CLIENT- OVERDRIVE) -I know what you like He pressed EDI to his chest and moved his hands upwards along the slats; EDI sighed and threw his head back. Mark put one his hand between EDIs legs and started caressing his flaps with another one. EDI took his time and tried to drag his hand backwards to touch Mark. Then they stood face to face and Mark pushed EDI to the wall and started kissing him. (CLIENT PETROL(REMIX BY AUTO-AUTO)) He never thought that he will kiss UCAV once; it was strange and wrong but felt so right, that he didnt confused thought he knew that EDIs a warplane in human body or that he is a young guy. (_ - LOST IN THE SKIES (YOU KNOW IM SEEKER)) EDI started pulling Marks clothes off, but Mark stopped his actions by grabbing the interceptors hard and making EDI feel a hyperbolic arousal enough to moan and stop his hands. - Tonight Im your personal pilot; baby [Said Mark with low and aspirated voice, kissing EDIs neck] -mm, though Im a UCAV I wont resist such tender control... (c4000_start, MYLENE FARMER SEXTONIK, TEXAS SUMMER SON) Mark moved the hand into EDIs pants and caressed him there. Though EDI couldnt think about anything except the happening situation he found the force to ask Mark how they were going to do this if however their genders dont fit and that he can change his connector to fitting form. Mark was very surprised but it didnt kill his wish to get EDI. He asked how EDI was going to do that and how it all would change, but he said that it was very easy and changed it. Mark plunged his fingers into a soft pussy and EDI arched his back and started mumbling something Mark couldnt get heard. He understood that it was time for action and pushed the boy onto the bed and started action. Its very comfortable to enter inside holding the wings for balance. (NIRVANA RAPE ME) Mark noticed that EDI was very sensitive and emotional person despite his calm voice and dark fuselage; he bites his lips twisting his legs around his partners back feeling the ecstasy. And first for all these years since his wifes gone he was so tender with a person he got in bed. They woke up when it was a late evening but there still were a lot of people in the bar and they werent going to go home yet. They dressed up, brushed their hair and went out to the corridor. That evening they promised each other that no one would know about their relationships. (GARBAGE CHERY LIPS, MADONA HOW IT FEELS LIKE FOR A GIRL, KILEY DEAN SIMPLE GIRL) Meanwhile, Starscream was living in a bedroom district of Saint Petersburg. She had parents and a younger brother. She had a lot of friends; she was an adventurer and frequently was involved into the risky ventures. She had no freedom but had a space to do anything and to go anywhere she could, she had opportunities but had no money, she had the ability but had no strength, and she had even a good condition to start the new life but had no health. She yet hadnt known that she is an extraterrestrial warplane stuck in a human body for a long time. She just lived her life, which was too short because she had a brain structure disease and which she lived too fast and finally once upon a time that life must end. And it would end very quickly, earlier than a healthy humans one. (DEAD POETIC FOUR WALL BLACKMAIL) Meanwhile Starscream, whose human name is Katya Michailova, is working and studying the last year in the university, Ben starts blackmailing Mark about the relationship with EDI. But EDI doesnt know anything, because of Mark doesnt tell him. They continue being into each other but Mark starts thinking how to get out of this recursion. Finally Mark could talk to the general and explain him all he had to. The general sympathized Mark and sent him to another US air force base. Mark didnt lose his job, and he also got free of the strange and wrong relationships with a warplane and got rid of stupid and presumptuous pilot who made him fall apart with EDI. (沙宝亮 - 祝你幸福) First EDIs reaction is to crush down in the first flight he would be sent to, but the general didnt let him to it. Then he cooled down and was truly occupied with his job. (KMDFM FREE YOUR HATE, GARBAGE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH) He had to make a peacemaking flight, the US generals were ought to obey the cybertronian generals. The whole world had to obey them. They were like the directors and the countries army generals were just like the managers. They flew to destroy the Muslim divisions which were trying to make the war in a big area. Also there were already four countries [Russia, Germany, Japan and China] who sent their air forces to destroy those wild and hostile people, who loved only war and. To destroy their forces was a peacemaking mission for all those countries, because those countries were concerned in providing peaceful relationships with other countries. (SYSTEM OF A DOWN JET PILOT) But they met a strong resistance, the enemy had Russian air combat vehicles and Russian air force was the best in the whole world that time. The enemy had already crushed several jets of their squadron, but they still had a hope. Ben was shot down too, he managed to punch off before his air vehicle exploded but his parachute didnt open. (RAMMSTEIN -ENGEL) The situation didnt leave him a chance to survive parachute didnt open, the high altitude, the lake covered with burning jet engine fuel below. He just closed his eyes for not to see his death, but suddenly he heard the sounds so mechanical and so jet planes. When he opened his eyes, he was grabbed by a hand of a cybertronian warrior, who was putting him into its cockpit. The warrior was in a process of transforming into a jet fighter; he fastened Ben very tight and started off. The height was very low and EDI managed to absorb the breathable air and shut the cockpit in an airtight way for Ben could breathe for a long time being in it. Ben was awfully surprised but he didnt say even a word except interjections. He wasnt afraid of EDI and of course didnt expect himself to be tactful, but EDI felt so right and was very glad that Ben is so close. (HIT 5- AFRAID OF YOU, PULKAS CLOSE TO ENEMY) Ben gets very frightened realizing that EDI flies not like him or another jet pilots do, also he gets afraid of EDI because he showed EDI all his hate before and he was afraid that EDI will punch him off or try to frighten him more. EDI didnt think about doing anything like that. The squadron succeeded in this flight the three crushed down warplanes, but there were no human loses from the peacemaking side. Ben has been wounded a bit and when they arrived at the base he went to sick quarters. That small war hadnt finished yet, and they needed to fly the next day to do the same job, but Ben wasnt accepted for it because of he was wounded that day, but he asked the general and he accepted Ben. The next day of that mission they succeeded in it, but EDI was crushed down and no one knew by who may be by Ben or may be by the enemy. (_ RUSSIAN JET FIGHTER, - ) He ran off the course and crossed the border and was ought to land in Russia by an order of Russian air defense, or if not he would be shot down once and for all. He had no navigation had no ammo and was damaged so the only way was to do as they say. He thought that if his country is an ally of Russia nothing bad happens and he will be sent home soon. But then he realized that Russians captured him despite the alliance and despite Cybertronians supervised the USA and Russia both and supported their alliance and collaboration. He managed to call to his base and report all the situation, he also heard the voices behind the generals voice, he could clearly hear the phrase what happened, again our Ben brought EDI down, Ive already warned him, if he would do that he would be fired!- EDI heard the phrase and gave the way to despair, now he didnt resist the Russian military forces and let them reprogram him and make him serve their air forces. (ELVIS TOY YOURE IN THE ARMY NOW) Meanwhile Russians were sure that EDI is the former US UCAV stolen by those wild Muslim military forces and they didnt hurry to study all the documentations or discuss it with USA, theyve been friend-countries since not so long time ago, and it happened only regards to Cybertronians. When Russians realized that they captured cybertronian, they decided to conceal it and make him not to tell anybody and work for them or destroy him at all. (STRONG PROJECT FLAPS 15 , OST - 哦莫斯科有我的爱) A couple of years passes, EDI serves the Russian air forces, but the last are not governmental air force, this is the separate part of Russian army, and they are having illegal business and they dont want anyone make it public. Also they pretend that they are a part of Russian air force and they have their military airport, but no one checked what are they doing and where. They ran the illegal genetic engineering experiments to create the biological weapon using the cybertronian technologies. The Russian Government of course didnt know anything. (KESHA TIK TOK, KESHA - BLOW) Katya celebrated her 21st birthday the last month, and then she had holidays, because the institute year starts in the end of September. So, it was the late august and it wasnt so warm but they decided to celebrate the institute holidays. They went on a walking tour into the forests, but theyve lost and were caught by the military men and were held under custody. The base was very low underground, but nobody thought that a frightened young company can escape even from a metal cage. (SLIPKNOT PSYCHOSOCIAL, MAUSOLEUM , SEAL KILLER) They managed to escape from a cage they opened the lock using hairpins, stole killed the guardsman and stole his gun. They had to kill all the men who guarded the base it was five oclock in the morning and bigger part of the staff was at home, there only were the guardsmen on the base. (CERRONE SUPERNATURE) There were 5 guardsmen, but the most difficult thing was their experiments and the way out of the base. Trying to escape they met the strange and dangerous half dragons half machines, they managed to kill one but there still were a lot of those things. (CHRIS REA ROAD TO HELL) Finally theyve found the exit from the underground base, it was a massive door behind which there was something like the subway, but it consisted of only one branch and the motor trolleys. They thought that they would get on it and ride to the way out, but theyve got to the long tunnel that lead to the another part of the base the auxiliary hangar. Again the problem was the genetically modified cybertronian dragons, Katyas friends were in a hurry and forgot to close the door. So that those creatures could get out of the first part of a base and enter the tunnels too, but the young company had a handicap they drove on the motor trolley. ( , SLIPKNOT PSYCHOSOCIAL) Finally they found something that looked like a way out to the surface, but opened a manhole and crawled out of it they became a target of a guardsman of the hangar. They just stood still and didnt know what to do then. The guardsman was a man in the air force uniform; he held a gun in a hand and was targeting them. All around there were several jet fighters in the hangar. The man said that theres no way to get out and that they had to do as he said, and even if they would escape the strange warplane with down canted wings will keep an eye on them all the same. When that man came up closer to one of the guys Misha, he didnt expect Misha will kick the gun off his hands and hit him. They had a fight, that man always shouted and called someone, but there was nobody in the hangar except the young company, a guardsman and aircrafts. Katyas friends accidentally killed that man. Then Katya remembered that the man told them that an aircraft with a strange shape will keep an eye on them all the same. They decided to break it. But it started talking, that he had an order to kill the intruders. The young people at first didnt understand but when EDI transformed into a cybertronian warrior, they got frightened. Then he turned into a man with a jet fighters wings which were still down canted but being behind his back it seemed they are bent back. But the company stopped being afraid, because there was nothing worse than the situation they could get out of before. They had to kill many people to escape and they wouldnt have stopped if EDI-boy started a hand-to-hand fight. EDI saw their expectancies and decided escape the base too. He had a great reason to escape and showed them that he wants collaborate with them in it. (KATYA FIRST , PAINBASTARD SYSTEM FAILED, EXPLOITED FUCK THE SYSTEM) -So, there are ten soldiers, but that man who was here, he was on duty this night and other are sleeping in a building which has a door to this hangar. We can shut it and they wont get out of there, we will have a handicap to escape. There is two railway stations nearby.[Said EDI quickly] - Ok, so you shut the door. Is there any guard outside? [Asked Katyas sister - Liza] -Yes there is a security post outside, but the guardsman is always sleeping. -May be we have to change our clothes for nobody could see who we are? [Asked Katya] -Great idea, I know there is a wardrobe in here, they hold there the clothes. (KESHA WHAT DO I DO) -Hey, how youre gonna dress up with that [Said Katya with a cheeky smile touching EDIs wing] -Dont do this! [Gasped EDI] its temporary, I cant transform into a human at onceand dont touch my wings. Katya laughed, though she didnt know anything about seekers and EDI. -Soour plan is to take their clothes, dress up and walk away... [Told Lizas boyfriend, who was the eldest guy of the company] They dressed up. There were women in that crew too and girls could dress up into their clothes. The hats, the wigs, the coats, the scarves and glasses, the different bags, badges of the team which doesnt know anything and is sleeping in the rooms near this hangar. They are ready. But suddenly they hear the cybertronian dragons are coming down the tunnel and soon will creep out the manhole to have a meal. (DAN BALAN FREEDOM, - ) EDI and young company open the gates and dash out, calmly pass the security and rushing to the road. They catch a car and offer the driver good money, he agrees to pick them up to the railway station. They decided arrive at the most far station, its a contrary, if somebody will search them, hed think they were gone and arrived at the nearest station. They also decided get on a train a set for Oranienbaum direction because no one will search them there. So theyve bough food and water and got on a train. They dressed in their own clothes sitting in a train, examined the borrowed clothes and bags with all the stuff inside. Theyve found many interesting things in that clothes pockets, the most useful were wallets with money and credit cards. Money. Its very useful in the every single situation. All the long day in trains, running away from the conductors, talking about their lives, about the factors regards to which they all had got into the situation they are in now, talking about where theyve been born, what they were doing in their lives. EDI started noticing that Katya took after Starscream a lot. Not only her face was similar, but her voice speed, motions. (BON JOVI MY LIFE) When EDI came to Katyas home as a friend, he met her parents and they talked a lot. So then he found out, that Katyas birth date was straight the date of Starscreams death plus 9 months. Also EDI was told that theyve been frequently walking near the lake before Katyas appeared. (_ (我的战斗机)) A couple of years passed. EDI and Katya live in her flat. EDI couldnt report anything to his cybertronian base because he was afraid that the military men will find him. And no matter military men from which country. If Russians it will be a big problem, if US then he will have the problems any deserter has. They would think that EDIs a deserter if he is alive and it would mean he just ran away. He decided not to search for cybertronian base until all this military fuss would stop. (SNAP RHYTHM IS A DANCER, SNAP DONT BE SHY, - ) They just lived and had a lot of friends. Very frequently they went to the country house to have a fun. There they were getting respite from all the work days parents and colleagues, have a drink and chat with friends. There was a big two-floor wooden house with a lot of rooms, where they could sleep. Of course the drunken people always taunted each other. There was a bitchy girl Ula. She always taunted all the company, especially Katya. It should be contra versa because Ula lead Katyas boyfriend from her, but it was very long time ago. And Katya wasnt angry at Ula no more she just told once that if her boyfriend didnt see a difference between cute smart girl and a bitchy fat and stupid girls then he is an oaf, and she doesnt want an oaf boyfriend. Katya always turned Ulas stupid jokes down or just threw an ashtray into Ulas head. The last stupid taunt was about Katyas boyfriend fluffs out his high-lift devices on strong warplanes wings when he gets her in bed. Katya went red and threw the ashtray at Ulas face again. EDI heard all and laughed loudly at Ula saying that she was just a jealous pig. (ANTI-FLAG DRINK DRANK PUNK, PINK SO WHAT) Once they decided walk in the forest again, Katya and EDI didnt know where their friends wanted to go. In fact that was that lake. If EDI or Katya knew that they are going to go to that place they wouldnt go there. But theyve already arrived, walked 3 kilometers to the place they yet didnt know that would be that lake. EDI recognized that lake but it was late to say we dont want to walk here. (凤凰传奇 - 我从草原来) They just were having a rest and having a fun, sitting on the sand and diving into the lake, the warm sunny weather allowed it. Then a car drove to the lake and an insane couple, that was always kissing dashed out of it. Katyas company decided to go home, and they were going to leave the lake and walk to a railway station, but suddenly the sand and ground collapsed and all of them fell down into a cave. (EVANESCENSE GOING UNDER) The cave was not so deep, they were all alive but there was no way to the surface except a little manhole high above their heads. But they could hear that insane anxious young couple talking and could hear the music from their car. They started shouting, but there was no help then. The only Ulas right phrase for all that walk was these oafs are fucking.and they dont hear us. (AUTOMATIC - MONSTER) They found the horizontal holes in the stone wall, they were high above them but not so high, there was a warplane, a strange jet of white and red colors, it seemed like its not from Earth. EDI told Katya that it was her body before she became a girl, but their target was to get out of there, and it wasnt in vain, because soon the dragons theyve already met crept out of the holes in stone walls. They didnt have an ability to fly and couldnt see but they could hear and smell a human with a sharp exactness. They hadnt ever crept to the surface; theyve just slept until they found that people the food came into the cave. (OTTO DIX ,_ IM DECEPTICON) Except the problem of fighting with two black creatures with ugly fishy heads and big needles-teeth theyve saw another problem. The plane which stood in the cave started making a noise because one of those creatures hit it with a tail. They tried to get out of the cave as soon as possible because they thought that the warplane will explode. (PURGEN , _- IM A TRANSFORMER, _- ALIEN MACHINES SOUL) But they didnt manage do it in time. One of the friends was killed by a tail of the ugly creature and Katya was kicked off the cliff lost conscience and had a heart to stop. The warplane made a big flash and stroke the blazing fire-flashes to the holes from where the more creatures could creep out, another blue little flash flew into Katyas chest and made no track on a skin, but her pulse started again. Another flash was kind of electricity and made a little burn on Mishas hand, also the fire-flash hit the ground above the warplane and made a manhole to the surface. Then the plane stopped making any noise, the manholes where the creatures lived started burning with a fire, and the young people could hear them shouting. There was one way to get out of there to climb onto a jet fighter , jump and crawl up to the sandy beach of a lake. The fire expanded, the smoke started hurt the eyes, and they all decided certainly to climb onto the plane and jump up to the surface. (GARBAGE RUN BABY RUN, KESHA- RUN DEVIL) A hardly minute passed they all were already on the beach, listening the roaring of the dragons shouting louder and louder and closer to the hole the young people crept out the cave from. (SNAP WHO STOLE IT) Katya and EDI dashed to the car and got into it. Ula and her boyfriend started mumbling something like this is not our car, but Katya answered that that sick and insane young couple didnt hear their cries for help and now they just are fucking in the bushes. They all got into a car and set out quickly. When they turned to the road they saw the man without his pants running to see who stole his car with all the stuff in it, the dragon creeping out of a manhole and attacks his girlfriend. A few seconds passes young people in a car see a flash and the cave under the sand just collapses, like someone took one of the stone walls out from there, but there was no explosion of a warplane. They drove to the railway station, left the car in a bushy place, took the stuff from it with them and got on a train to the city station. (_- YOU ARE A TRANSFORMER) The next day Katya felt sick. She had a temperature and metabolic failure; also she was always scratching her wrists. EDI told her that just in case she mustnt cross the hands. In a couple of days she got better. In fact EDI knew that its nothing serious but shes now a cybertronian in disguise. The cybertronian base on Earth caught the signal and called EDI and Katya, to meet somewhere. They met. There was nothing bad; EDI explained the entire former and present situation. EDI and Starscream started working for a cybertronian base in Russia. The pseudo-military men were arrested. (MISS JANE ITS A FINE DAY, CAMOUFLAGE HEAVEN, CAMOUFLAGE ONE FINE DAY.)

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